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UnderWunder is fashionable  underwear with a secret. Comfortable, high-quality and lined with a unique, invisible absorbent crotch panel.

Feel safe, and good about yourself, with UnderWunder!

     Discrete packaging
     14 days trial period

Do you suffer from a weak bladder? We've got the answer!

The fashionable underwear from UnderWunder is ideal for use as incontinence underwear and has the unique advantage that it is disguised to look like normal underwear. UnderWunder is specially developed for people who want to protect themselves against this unpleasant condition. And who also want to be able to move uninhibitedly so they can get on with enjoying their life. Feel safe, despite urine loss. Feel confident by wearing normal underwear instead ofthe nappy-like alternatives.



Did you know that 1 in 4 women experience bladder weakness?

Undesirable urinary incontinence can affect many women while they exercise, laugh, jump or lift objects. Officially in the medical world, this is also called stress incontinence. Normally, products on the market that are designed to overcome this leakage are nappies or disposable underwear that looks like a nappy. They only increase the (mental) anguish that sufferers must endure. Many women resort to using a (daily) panty liner, but this can lead to inflammation. UnderWunder underwear offers these ladies a great solution. Fashionable and comfortable underwear that is also safe and increases confidence!

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